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How to Prioritize Home Improvement Projects

When viewing homes for sale, home buyers must weigh the cost benefits of newer homes vs. older homes that may need some updating. And if you decided to buy an older home, understanding how to prioritize home improvements is critical to any home...

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Solar Panels Denver | Are They Worth It?

During this time of high inflation and rising energy prices, people are trying to save money whenever and wherever they can. Homeowners are increasingly conscious of their heating and electrical usage, and how it is impacting their budget.


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30 Ways to DeClutter Your Home for Fall

Despite the popular "spring cleaning" term, this process knows no season. We are well into fall, and now is the perfect time to evaluate the products and items in your home that have been neglected or unused before winter arrives. When a home i...

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5 Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Denver

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Need to add a little zest to your abode?

Summer is a perfect time to spice up your home, and what better way to get ‘er done than by visiting some of Denver’s vintage furniture stores. T...

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What Can You Donate to Habitat Restore?

Are you moving or renovating your home and want to donate some unwanted items to a great cause?  Check out Habitat Restore! As an extension of Habitat for Humanity, this organization accepts donations and offers an ever-changing inventory of d...

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Disposing of 50 Assorted Household Goods

Getting rid of assorted household goods is often a daunting task. Some things have deep sentimental attachments; others are simply taking up valuable space. However, how does one get rid of some common goods from around the house? Surely everyt...

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