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Homeowners’ Gift Guide

Have you or one of your loved ones recently bought a home? We all know, this is a big step, arguably one of the bigger moments in your lifetime. While the process can be intimating, the outcome is unb...

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From Changing Leaves to Holiday Lights

As the days get shorter and the air grows colder, there's one thing that remains constant here in Colorado - the beautiful changing leaves. For those of us lucky enough to call this state home, autumn is a time that we look forward to every yea...

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Meet Our Brokers: Sam Hegedus

Usaj Realty is Proud to Welcome Sam Hegedus!
Meet Sam! Born and raised in Durham, NC, Sam has a competitive spirit with a background in athletics, where she competed in swimming and track during her college years at Duquesne University. After ...

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Your Guide to Local Christmas Tree Lots

There's nothing quite like waking up on a chilly morning, with your home filled with the smell of natural pine. Let's skip the scented candles and plug ins, and head over to one of the local Christmas tree lots.
Your Real Christmas Tree To-Do ...

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Give Back This Season

At Usaj Realty, we have a heart for our community and take every chance we get to pour into several local organizations. That being said, we know how important it is to give back this season.

We're lucky to have ongoing relationships with th...

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Holiday Spirit Week Starts in November!

We're anti-grinch behavior, and it seems Denver is too! Starting November 16th, Holiday Spirit Week begins. From light displays, holiday themed hang outs, and photo-ops out the wazoo, you'll have Buddy the Elf-level-holiday-cheer in no time.


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Your Denver Metro Area HOA Guide

Are you dreaming of a mountain paradise in the Denver area? The sun-drenched days, graced with occasional snow-kissed homes, invite you in, but hidden within lies the enigmatic weight of "HOA dues." Don't worry; we're about to illuminate these ...

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