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What to Know About Short-Term Rentals and ADUs

Like them or not, short-term rentals are here to stay.

For homeowners in Denver, having a short-term rental associated with your primary residence means additional income and the opportunity for financial security. According to AirDNA Market...

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Home Buying | How to Choose a Lender

It goes without saying that the Denver housing market is a little more complicated these days.

Just two years ago, interest rates were below 3 percent; today they are hovering above 6.96 percent. Home inventory has been increasing but home p...

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How to Prepare Now to Buy a Home Later

A Denver home for sale, see more here.Is 2023 the year you’re planning to buy a home?

But maybe you’ve had a few monkey wrenches thrown into the plans.

Whether you’ve fallen short on saving enough for the down payment, or you just w...

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Meet Your Denver Realtor: Angie Waltert

Meet your Denver Realtor, Angie Waltert! Based in Denver, Colorado, Angie is an esteemed real estate agent specializing in helping clients find their dream homes. She prioritizes the needs of her clients and strives to establish a trusting rela...

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How to let go emotionally when selling a home

Emotional attachment during the home selling process
Selling a home is an emotional experience for most people, as it often marks the end of an era and can bring up feelings of sadness or nostalgia. However, embracing an attitude of acceptance...

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