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Meet Our Brokers: Mitchell Martini | Denver Realtor

Posted at 09/24/2021 02:00 PM by Jennifer Black

Mitchell Martini, Broker Associate, recently joined Usaj Realty and we are beyond thrilled to welcome him to the crew. Mitchell has a professionalism and sincerity to him that is sure to impress. Prior to his career in real estate, Mitchell Martini spent many years working with individuals and families working towards financial success and stability and he now works to help people build wealth through real estate transactions. He strives to help his clients feel comfortable and feel stress-free during their real estate experience!

Where are you from originally and what brought you to Denver?

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio — I lived in Ohio (Cincinnati and Dayton) for most of my life. I then moved abroad to work in Guatemala for a bit and upon returning I realized I did no​​t want to live in Ohio forever. Colorado just seemed like such an exciting place to live with all of the hiking it has to offer and all of the beautiful scenery.

What do you enjoy most about living in Denver?

I live in downtown Denver, so I love being so close to so many incredible businesses, but also being so close to so many beautiful hiking trails. Colorado in general has so many unique restaurants and businesses, so there is never a dull moment of living that city lifestyle.mitchell martini denver realtor

What career path were you in before real estate? How did you become interested in real estate?

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I worked in the non-profit and public assistance fields. I really enjoy getting to help people on a personal level and getting to know people on a personal level is what I love about real estate. As a non-native to Colorado, I really became interested in the idea of being a real estate agent because I wanted to know more about Colorado and all of the things it has to offer. I enjoy community building and collaboration so getting to work with people all across the Denver area is what drew me into this business.

What can a home buyer or seller expect when they work with you?

My clients can expect to work with someone who is extremely knowledgeable about the field and assists them with the whole process along with continued success after their real estate experience. I really enjoy getting to help people so I always make sure that my clients feel educated and supported during the process.

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What is one new skill or hobby you are learning or have learned recently?

Shortly before the pandemic I began working for Sephora so I have been learning a lot about makeup and skincare. Getting to learn more about makeup has really brought out my more creative side.

What book(s) (or podcasts) have you read recently that you’d recommend?

I highly recommend the book “In the Country We Love” by Diane Guerrero. Diane plays in one of my favorite shows “Orange is the New Black” and this was how I came across her book. The book depicts her life successes and struggles as a daughter to two undocumented immigrants living in the United States. She portrays her story so beautifully even though her family has been through so many struggles.

Describe your perfect weekend.

My perfect weekend would be taking a short weekend trip to a mountain town in Colorado or a quick flight to a new city on the west coast. Just being able to explore and spend time in a new environment is relaxing to me.

Complete this sentence. If you really, really knew me, you would know that…?

I can’t sit still. I always have to find something to keep me busy, whether it is working, hiking, or spending time with friends.

mitchell martini denver realtor

What was one big thing you learned or took away from the last year?

Enjoy the free time that you have! During the pandemic I was furloughed by one of my jobs and it was really relaxing  to finally have some free time. During this time I did a lot of hiking and self-reflecting. It was nice to be able to have some free time to enjoy traveling and spending time with friends.

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Posted by Jennifer Black

Jennifer Black champions all of Usaj Realty’s marketing publications. With a passion for digital marketing, graphic design, writing, and all things creative, Jennifer excels in the office as a crucial support staff member for our brokers and management Originally from Redwood City, California, Jennifer pioneered her way to Denver and began working for Usaj Realty in May of 2014. She loves every minute of life in Denver, which is directly enhanced by her time designing for Usaj Realty. Away from work, Jennifer enjoys escaping to the great outdoors, going skiing, hiking, and exploring local breweries and restaurants.



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