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Meet Our Brokers | Corey O'Flanagan

Posted at 10/07/2021 02:00 PM by Pat O'Connor

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The path less traveled has been Corey O’Flanagan’s modus operandi for over 20 years. And it doesn’t show signs of changing anytime soon.

Some might view him as itinerant but for the 38-year-old O’Flanagan, he views his life as one that follows his passions and dreams, a journey that is continually unfolding. And that passage has brought him back to Denver and to the Usaj Realty team to resume his real estate career. He will once again be helping new and former clients achieve their real estate dreams while encouraging them to find joy in their lives.

O’Flanagan recently completed a two-year sojourn that included stops in Alaska, Southeast and South Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe. Now, he and his new wife Lianne Davidson are excited about seeing how the Mile High City has changed during a long absence and reconnecting with friends and clients.

“I’ve always enjoyed Denver,” he said. “It has many benefits, especially being so close to the mountains. I’m hoping to get in a few hikes, see the fall colors and prepare for snowboarding this winter.”

World Travel is a Big Part of His Life

O’Flanagan’s perspective on life and what he chooses to focus upon makes him an outstanding broker. He has been actively buying and selling real estate for over 15 years, and understands the impact it can have on building wealth. However, he also maintains a healthy approach to money and purposely chooses to not focus on material objects. 

“I enjoy being around people who chase their passions rather than money,” he said. “For me, this was really brought home when my mom was sick. When you’re facing the death of a family member, you start thinking about what is really important in your life and what really matters.”

O’Flanagan’s mother had many plans for her retirement years but those dreams were cut short by cancer. She lamented the fact she didn’t start earlier, and just prior to her death, encouraged her son to make the time to pursue his aspirations. While he was already well-traveled and often would take 2-3 week jaunts here and there, his mom’s advice took on an urgency and he set the wheels in motion.

Traveling with Lianne, the two began their adventure spending a week in Alaska during August of 2019. He admits that trip gets a little lost in his scope of their far-ranging travel log but the 49th state provided an incredible start to the journey. Extensive wildlife viewing, taking advantage of amazing outdoor recreation and soaking up the views, set the tone for the remainder of the trip.

The following months were spent in Southeast and South Asia that included stops in Indonesia, Nepal, Base Camp at Mt. Everest and India. By early 2020, they found themselves in Sri Lanka, one of O’Flanagan’s favorite places.

“The hiking, scenery, waterfalls, coastline and huge surf were unbelievable,” he said. “And it didn’t hurt that we both love the cuisine.”

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Silver Lining of the Pandemic | Family Time

But as we well know, a certain event would change the trajectory of his travel adventure and a plan B was eventually enacted.

“I had been keeping track of the spread of COVID-19 and knew this was turning into something big,” he said. “After Sri Lanka, we headed to Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and by early March, I knew we had to head back to the U.S.”

After many failed attempts to get plane reservations, the pair finally flew out of Vietnam on March 9, 2020. The U.S. closed their borders to international flights on March 14.

Deciding to quarantine in northern Wisconsin, O’Flanagan and Davidson found comfort helping Corey’s dad and grandmother during a stressful time. Providing companionship, helping with shopping and “being present” was a “blessing in disguise,” according to O’Flanagan. Although it hadn’t been part of the plan, this interlude bestowed another moment to appreciate family and what’s important to him.

By the end of the summer of 2020, the two decided to head to the United Kingdom (Lianne’s home). They bought a van and traveled throughout the country, and spent time with Lianne’s mom. From there, they ferried over to the Netherlands and hit Belgium, France and Spain, before heading back to the U.S. in late spring of this year.

“For me, travel gives me a great perspective,” he reflected. “The world gets smaller when you get out and experience new surroundings. It makes me grateful for where I was born and how I was raised. Your eyes become open to how wonderful this world is and why it’s important to see how other people live.”


Keeping Perspective in Stressful Times

And when it comes to real estate, he likes to focus on what can be done and not sweat the small stuff.

“Problems are nothing to worry about,” he said. “They either can or cannot be solved. If they can, don’t worry about it and do the work to solve it. If they cannot, then don’t worry about solving something that is insolvable.”

Welcome back Corey!


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Posted by Pat O'Connor

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