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Home Improvement Should Include Laundry Room Makeover

Posted at 06/23/2017 10:20 AM by Pat O'Connor

laundry room makeover

When it comes to remodeling and home improvement, which rooms come to mind first?

Let’s see, do kitchens and bathrooms top the list? Probably!

But what about the laundry room? This oft forgotten, lonely little room that gets a lot of traffic is typically last on the list of areas on which we focus our attention. Housing the washer and dryer, and a sink, and maybe a table or counter, it just doesn’t offer much allure in the greater scheme of our lives.

Interior Designer Jonna Mulqueen can remedy this. Below you will find some tips that add some flair to the lowly laundry room, and make it an integral and appealing part of your home.

Question: Typically, laundry rooms are pretty boring. What can be done to liven up this forgotten room in the house?

Answer: It is important to remember that pattern and color are your friends in this sometimes forgotten space. Old cabinets can be refreshed with a new coat of paint, thus brightening and streamlining your visual plane. Hardware can be changed out and flooring can be bold. For several years now, ceramic tiles or porcelain tile with graphic patterns at varying scales have been popping up everywhere. I also like to use flooring that is organic in nature, and I achieve this by using real stone or brick.

Question: Are there certain colors that you prefer when painting a laundry room?

Answer: Personally, I like to pick one area to accent with color. It could be the cabinets, your floor or the walls, but not all three. Color could come in a rug or a painting you put on the wall or even a mural. Whatever color you select, it should evoke a sense of calm and be pleasing to the eye. As much as I love “hot” colors such as orange or red, the laundry room is really not the place for it in large quantities.

Question: What storage options are available to upgrade a laundry room?

Answer: Storage options are everywhere like Target, Home Depot and Ikea. If you have a bigger budget, there are a ton of kitchen/bath showrooms in Denver and the surrounding areas that have cabinets that are specifically designed to fit your laundry room needs.

Question: How do the washer and dryer play into the equation?

Answer: Front load washers and dryers have been a great invention and the pedestals you can purchase separately to perch them on are literally a “BACK SAVER” … but some people still like the top loading machines. It really is a matter of personal preference. I also have clients that like the bold merlot or metallic colors that some manufacturers offer, but I still like to keep my machines “white.”

Question: What do you consider the essentials in a functional laundry room?

Answer: 1) Ample and/or smart storage solutions; 2) A good folding area, which could be achieved by encasing your washer or dryer, or, perhaps in a larger space, having a freestanding island; 3) A drying rack for your delicates; and 4) A piece of art that makes you happy.

Question: Any do’s and don’ts homeowners should follow?

Answer: Don’t wait to redo or upgrade your laundry room until after you decide you want to put your house on the market. A thoughtful plan and a little moola can go a long way. You deserve a functioning and pleasing space just like your potential buyer!

Mulqueen describes herself as a lover of all things shiny and bright, including people. She has more than 20 year experience creating high impact rooms that are unique, thoughtful and texture driven. You can find out more about her at:


Posted by Pat O'Connor

Pat O’Connor has dual citizenship in both Wisconsin and Colorado, having been born and raised in Wisconsin Dells, but later adopted by the Centennial State. A graduate of the University of Colorado (B.S. Journalism, 1980), O’Connor began her career as a sportswriter at the Boulder Daily Camera under the tutelage of the venerable Dan Creedon. Her experience also includes stints in public relations at Aspen Highlands Ski Area, the Colorado Trial Lawyers and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. When she isn’t piecing together sentences, the self-proclaimed “Cheesehead” enjoys traveling, running, playing golf, hiking 14ers, horseback riding and skiing. During football season, she can be found cheering for the Buffs and "whooping it up" when the Packers win. She loves talking sports and giving recommendations on cheese curds.



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