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Jenny Usaj

Downtown Denver Residential Real Estate Outlook for 2022

Posted at 02/16/2022 05:10 PM by Jenny Usaj

It's a fascinating time for the residential real estate in downtown Denver.  Despite some bumps along the way, things are looking up for the inner core of the Mile High City. As we look back on...

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Downtown Denver Residential Real Estate Outlook

Posted at 01/25/2021 09:00 AM by Jenny Usaj

As I reflect back on 2020, the frontline workers and essential workers will be a part of what I always remember. Their sacrifice and bravery will never be forgotten. I am forever grateful. To those...

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How to Handle the Request for Repairs When Buying a Home

Posted at 08/14/2019 12:00 PM by Jenny Usaj

When buying a Denver home, be prepared to put on your negotiating hat. When you are caught up in the excitement of buying a home, you may forget that there is another side to the process: the seller....

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