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Advantages of Selling Your Home This Fall

Posted at 09/11/2020 09:02 AM by Usaj Realty

selling my home in fall | denver colorado

While most people choose to list their homes in the spring and early summer, the fall can prove to be an advantageous time to sell. 

Many families prefer to be settled into a new home by the time school begins but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of education for many. Now,  people have more flexibility in deciding where and how they want to live. People are discovering their homes no longer fulfill their needs and are looking for more space, a bigger yard or just new surroundings.

As a result, just because you missed out on the spring and summer home buyers, it doesn’t mean you still can’t sell your home quickly and for top dollar. According to Megan Aller with First American Title, "Our selling season extended in large part due to interest rates dipping below 3% increasing affordability and stimulating our buyer pool. Adding an additional layer to the late summer activity active listing counts have trended downwards which is the exact opposite of how our market has trended in the past." Below you’ll find some of the best reasons to sell your home this fall.

Fall Colors

Curb appeal and landscaping are the first things prospective buyers notice when searching for a new home. Native trees like blue spruce and Wasatch maple attract birds and wildlife to feast on the seeds. They produce gorgeous foliage in the fall and grow more than 30 feet tall, providing excellent windbreaks in the winter. If you've recently planted them, have your real estate agent point out the perks of these trees once they mature, including the fact that they provide traffic sound barriers when planted along the fence.

Deciduous trees with leaves in various shades of gold, red, brown, rust, orange and green are hard to miss in home landscaping. Tall trees with wide canopies are a draw for those who enjoy the outdoor shade.

Autumn is also the perfect time to showcase your eye-catching perennials. Don't have a front yard flower bed? Place some container plants along the front walkway with an array of colors. Bush morning glory (magenta), tansy aster (lavender), desert four o’clock (rose-pink), purple poppy mallow (magenta), will also provide a welcoming scent to anyone entering your home. Don't forget the yellow sunflowers!

Add some ornamental grasses to your landscape, too. Large, feathery foliage blades like western wheatgrass, prairie cordgrass and blue big stem add to the look.

Tax Breaks and Competition

Selling a home near the end of the year allows you to take advantage of any relevant tax breaks. Remember, any improvements you make are deductible. Competition for sales is typically better in the fall because there are fewer homes on the market, and the holiday season is approaching. Buyers also want to be in their new home before the snow flies.

Spring open houses bring out the window shoppers and looky-loos. But fall tends to have more motivated buyers going after the same house, especially when fewer homes are on the market. The more people there are to see your house and willing to make an offer, the better chance for you to get your ideal selling price. 

Selling your home in the fall is also a plus for buyers who are starting new jobs. If someone has been relocated, they typically want to get the deal done and move in before their first day of work.

Typically, real estate agents will have more time in the fall to focus on helping you get your house ready for sale. Spring and summer are busy times for them; after Labor Day, people are generally less inclined to list their homes since school has started and there is a shift in priorities.

Families with school-aged children might not be looking much in the fall, because the kids need to settle in before school starts. But singles and couples with toddlers are easier to lure in the fall because they are not competing with families with school-aged kids. Stage your home with that in mind.

Indoor Décor

Colors of autumn should be incorporate indoors, too, and that's a selling point for buyers. With winter coming, cozy fall colors are a reminder of snug evenings by the fireplace, hot chocolate and snowy fun. Dress the house with faux foliage, cornucopia ornaments, pinecones, and the scent of cinnamon. 

Fall Happenings 

While many of the fall activities and happenings have been cancelled due to COVID-19, make sure to highlight festivals and local things to do in your neighborhood. Many communities still have farmer’s markets. Potential buyers will appreciate knowing the nearby amenities, music offerings and outdoor events. Even if events have been cancelled this year, make sure interested buyers are aware of the activities by placing community calendars, flyers and other promotional material in your home. 

Selling During COVID-19

The pandemic has changed just about everything these days, including how to attract home buyers. The Colorado Department of Health & Environment has issued requirements and guidelines for real estate agents. These same guidelines apply to home repair companies, property showings, appraisals, and open houses. 

Recommendations include 6-foot social distancing, sanitizing, face coverings, posting reminder signs on good hygiene practices, and wearing disposable gloves. Your real estate agent must also keep track of visitors for contact tracing and offering virtual visits through the internet. Following COVID-19 health guidelines will help your visitors feel more at ease.

Keep in mind: Home inventories are low right now, and new homes may become even more scarce in the fall. Interest rates are low, but buyer interest remains high. Celebrate its beauty by helping others find the home of their dreams … yours! 

This guest blog was written by Bryce Thompson, a home stager and freelance writer who specializes in inexpensive ways to improve curb appeal.

Posted by Usaj Realty



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