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10 Reasons to Stop Commuting to Work

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In our current political climate, there doesn’t seem to be many issues upon which people can agree. But here in Denver, we can all concur on one thing: commuting stinks! Whether you’re in the I-25 rush, the I-70 crunch or the downtown street snarl, you’re likely spewing expletives at your fellow drivers.

With the population of the Denver metro area now over 2.8 million, the morning and afternoon drive times are soul sucking. Anymore, there is no “rush hour.” Anytime you hit the roads near downtown, it’s likely to include slowdowns, closures and, most of all, aggravation.

Long commutes to and from work are not only a huge drain of time and resources, but wreak havoc on your body. Two years ago, USA Today reported that the average American's drive to work is 45 minutes round trip. Working the math, that equates to over 200 hours a year. And during those hours, your body can experience that following negative impacts: increased blood sugar, cholesterol, depression, anxiety and blood pressure levels, your mood plummets and the likelihood of back pain/problems mount.

Just think what you could be doing during those 200 hours if you lived closer to where you work? Exercising, reading, participating in self improvement efforts, walking your dog, taking an online class -- the list is endless.

Here are just a few reasons to stop that long commute and get a place closer to your work. There is no better time to look into buying a home in Denver to not only cut down the time behind the wheel but enhance your life.


  1. Save on gas. You can parlay that money you are burning up driving your car towards a nice vacation, a down payment on a house and a multitude of other meaningful items. If you are on a first name basis with the gas station attendant, it’s time to pump some meaning into your life!
  2. Alleviate aggravation. There is nothing worse than arriving at work with an attitude after being stuck in traffic. It doesn’t help you or your co-workers when there is a dark cloud hanging over your head. Without the long drive, you can spend the extra time buying doughnuts for the staff.
  3. Help the environment. Keeping Denver’s air clean should be a personal priority for all for all of us, and reducing greenhouse gases is important for the Front Range, especially during the winter months. By using public transportation, riding a bike to work or even walking, you will be doing your part to help keep the Mile High City’s air quality in the “good” category.
  4. Save time. Here’s the part where you can use that 200 hours to do something productive. It seems we are all looking to find extra time in our day and this is the easiest way to get an extra 50-60 minutes of leisure or productivity during the workday.
  5. Extra sleep. We all know we aren’t getting enough sleep. But cutting out the commute, you’ll be able to get at least an extra 30 minutes of desperately needed shut-eye. By being more refreshed in the morning, you will be able to accomplish more at work. You’ll be more energized and be able to enjoy that extra time at the end of the day.
  6. Easier to get to Denver’s attractions and events. Living in the city allows you to be close to the many amenities of Denver. Whether you are a park enthusiast, a cyclist looking to get on the Cherry Creek Trail or South Platte Greenway or a theater aficionado, your proximity to your passions is key to a balanced life. Determine what is important in your life and figure out the best location to take advantage of your devotions.
  7. Denver’s bike paths. The South Platte River Greenway and Cherry Creek Trail offer a gateway to Denver’s neighborhoods. These uninterrupted paths allow for easy access into various point of entry of the downtown area. Many streets in Denver also have designated bike lanes to make the commute easier.
  8. Close to microbreweries. Denver is second in the nation (behind Portland, Ore.) in the number of microbrewers. Why not be closer to a cold one? Whether you are checking out the Great Divide, Hogshead or Station 26, you are bound to enjoy being minutes away instead of half an hour away. Regardless of the time of year, it’s always a good time to enjoy a craft beer
  9. Public transportation. With the RTD light rail and bus routes, it’s easy to get around Denver to wherever you need to be. No more parking woes, astronomical parking fees or worrying about having to move your car. Bring your bike along to get you to your final destination or enjoy a stroll through downtown.
  10. Better health. All-in-all, by not commuting, you’ll be healthier, both mentally and physically. The grind of being behind the wheel saps your strength and your resolve. By incorporating walking or riding your bike to work will do wonders for your health and well-being. There is nothing better than getting some exercise and fresh air before heading into the work environment.

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