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Meet Our Brokers: Maddy Hollar

With her outgoing personality, customer relations background and exemplary communication skills, Maddy Hollar adds a dynamic presence as Usaj Realty’s newest associate broker. A native of Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood, Hollar brings a unique perspective on the Mile High City to her clients. 

From her childhood years exploring the Washington Park neighborhood to now keeping abreast of all the hot spots in her new residence in LoHi, Hollar is excited to help her clients find their dream home. Her extensive network allows clients to feel like a local as they consider their real estate options.

“Having seen the constant change and growth in my hometown, I’m excited to share this new energy with others,” she said.

Here’s a little more about Hollar and how she can help with all your real estate needs.

Maddy Hollar | Denver Real Estate Agent

Q: Tell me a little about yourself.

A: “I grew up a block away from Wash Park in Denver, CO, with my parents and my younger brother Ethan. Growing up here in Colorado, I have always had a strong connection to the mountains. My winters were filled with skiing trips up in the Rockies. During the summers, we spent our weekends in the sun camping, hiking and backpacking. Some of my favorite childhood memories are camping at the sand dunes or mountain biking in Moab. I also remember spending a lot of time in Wash Park catching crawdads in the streams with Ethan and childhood friends.

After graduating high school, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I got a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology with a business minor. I worked throughout college as a server at a restaurant on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. After college, I moved back to Denver and continued to work in a restaurant as a bartender in LoDo. I quickly learned that my passion is working with people and that I enjoyed creating a fun and exciting environment for others.”

Q: Did your childhood/growing up have any bearing on your getting into real estate? 

A: “I attended the Denver Waldorf school growing up, which differed from most other schools because we had the same teacher and students from kindergarten to 8th grade. This type of education gave me a foundation for being able to build long lasting relationships with clients.”

Q: How did you get interested in real estate? 

A: “Real estate has always sparked my interest because I enjoy the prospect of helping clients navigate a challenging Denver real estate environment and the potentially intimidating process of buying a home.”

Q: Talk about the Denver real estate market generally and some of the aspects that make it challenging and fulfilling. 

A: “Being a native to Denver, I’ve seen the city dramatically evolve over time, with no intentions of slowing down. Personally, I have seen Wash Park homes increase as much as 5 times over the last two decades. Denver is a fun and exciting real estate market to be a part of. The market does present challenges, particularly for first-time homebuyers, due to  the appreciation we’ve seen over the past decade, but I am equipped with a great team behind me at Usaj Realty to help my clients achieve their goals.”     

Q: What is your favorite neighborhood and why?

A: “I currently live in the lower Highlands and really enjoy the livelihood of the neighborhood. It is a couple blocks away from the iconic and busy Union Station, however, it has a quaint neighborhood feel. There are many restaurants that are within a block of each other, some of my favorites being, Lola, Linger, and El Five which has an amazing view of the city. There is also an outside ice cream shop, Little Man Ice Cream, that is really fun to take friends and family to when visiting from out of town.”

Q: How do you make the buying/selling experience unique for your clients? 

A: “Working in the restaurant industry has taught me how to read my audience and navigate through difficult situations with clients. I make it a priority to make a connection with each client and listen to their needs throughout the entire buying and selling process. Each client’s desire in a home is very different, that’s why it’s important to personalize the experience for them, and be transparent and honest throughout the process.”

Q: What do you enjoy about the Usaj Realty team?

A: “Right when I obtained my real estate license, I was fortunate enough to be connected with employing broker Jenny Usaj. I was immediately drawn toward Usaj Realty because of how team oriented they are. It’s inspiring being around a group of people that truly care for one another. At Usaj, there are so many helpful and knowledgeable individuals that support me as I provide exemplary customer service to my buyers and sellers.”

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: “I love being outdoors, so I try to make it up to the mountains whenever I can, whether that be skiing, hiking or camping. I also enjoy spending time in the city with friends and family checking out new breweries or shops around Denver.”

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